Barry G. White, UX & UI Designer

I'm a user experience and interface designer specialising in websites and apps for both mobile and desktop.

Photo of Barry White

The solutions I design are focused on meeting business goals and customer objectives. I use a combination of sketches (some of the messiest you're likely to see), wireframes, mockups and prototypes as part of an iterative, data-driven workflow. I love facilitating collaboration between stakeholders, designers, engineers, customer and product teams and sythesising the output in to strong, beautiful—but ultimately—usable features.

I design on paper, Balsamiq, Photoshop and Sketch, build in HTML and CSS (Less/Sass) with little dashes of JavaScript.

I currently work at Findmypast as a Senior Product Designer.

Take a look at my C.V. (PDF) and if you think I'd be a good fit for your team, feel free to send me an email.


Here is a sample of some of the best work that I'm able to share publicly.

Lives of the First World War

Lives of the First World War is a website done in partnership with Imperial War Museums. It aims to individually honour the 8 million men and women who served during WW1. As design lead, I would turn business and project goals, into requirements from our engineering team, through design meetings, wireframing and prototyping of solutions (Designs stitched together with InVision, or HTML to work through more complex interactions or responsive changes), with detailed mockups when required.

Lives of the First World War has been featured multiple times on the BBC during their World War One Centenary programming.

Lives of the First World War Timeline view
Lives of the First World War Responsive navigation
Lives of the First World War home page social validation


Roadie aims to help learner drivers find their ideal driving instructor. It also offers tools and services to help instructors add more value to their business in this highly competitive market.

This is a side-project I started with some engineering collegues. It was and continues to be a great learning tool, from practicing customer research, lean delivery and product validation to email design and CSS animation techniques.

Roadie home page, complete with driving cars.
Empty state for student lesson review section.
Tutorial/welcome banner that features a lot of magic.

Kilconquhar Castle Estate

Kilconquhar Castle Estate is timeshare resort near St. Andrews. I was solely responsible for designing and building their website for over 4 years, while freelancing.

Kilconquhar Castle Estate home page

BuyWhatsLiked (Internal concept)

BuyWhatsLiked is a product sharing and review app for iPhone. I was responsible for defining the user journey and interface design for the app. As well designing and building supplementary material, such as the products holding page and banner images for social media, I also designed a mascot.

Feed and Product review screens for BuyWhatsLiked
BuyWhatsLiked holding page
The BuyWhatsLiked bee mascot

BSW Building Systems

BSW Building Systems deliver quality steel frame systems to industrial and commercial sectors. I designed and built their website, inspired by the strong scaffolding and precise building plans they create. The website uses a single bold accent colour to keep the user informed on where to go next.

BSW Building Systems home page

Rory Wemyss Photography

Rory Wemyss Photography is a website designed to get out of the way, and truly focus on the photographers work. The website uses a unique overlay for the about and contact pages, so the visitor never needs to leave the gallery.

Rory Wemyss Photography home page

Stay in St Andrews

The official website for the over 40 member strong St Andrews Hotel & Guest House Association – which includes legendary hotels, the Fairmont and Old Course Hotel. Built on a Drupal CMS, I created the templates, CSS and designed the content pages.

Stay in St Andrews home page